I love using homemade lip balm over store bought and this one is the by far the best I've found. The texture is smooth and glides on easily (some I've found from others is stiff and hard and doesn't go on the lips without pressing hard). The taste is subtle, but its definitely there. In a purely personal sense, I prefer this as ones that are overwhelming tend to make me too hungry. I reminds me of a local coffee shop and makes me feel warm and invited!


The Moonlight path perfume smells really good


The Aloha Orchid scented soap is so amazing! I bought them for my daughters and still have them in my bathroom closet, still wrapped. It is truly the best smelling room in my apartment! I love it and I am sure its an awesome soap as well. The body butters are great! 


Loved the wedding favor set! Wish I would have ordered more.


Absolutely love the honeysuckle and the Japanese cherry blossom scented fur suit spray! They smell wonderful and the artwork is adorable. They left my room and suit smelling amazing. I will be buying some more, soon.


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