Meet Pawsome Furries

Meet Pawsome Furries

Every suit is lovingly built from the ground up, so each and every one is unique in features and look while maintaining high quality.


  Pawsome Furries, is dedicated to making fursuits and furry memorabilia and artwork. Please remember, I am not a professional company. I do this out of my home in my spare time. Its just me working on the suits, therefore I can offer suits at a discounted price, but the cost of that is it takes me longer to make the suits and I can only take a few commissions at a time.


   Putting a smile on others is what makes what I do worth it. Seeing suits I have made out at cons or meets or even in pictures online makes me smile as it shows that my customers enjoy what I have made.


  All items are custom made to order (unless stated). Please remember, you must 18 or older to order, but that doesn't mean that younger than 18 can't get a suit-just make sure you have a parent order for you or have signed permission from a parent or guardian. Permission forms are available at request.

​All artwork shown with Pawsome Furries is drawn by Alkali unless specified.

Pawsome Furries has been making custom and premade suits since 2013. Several suits made that first year are still used today! All suits are made to last and even come with a warranty.

Alkali is the mascot of Pawsome Furries and belongs to the owner and maker. There is no big team working on several suits, it's just me. I am very personable and willing to work with everyone!

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