Fursuit and Plushie Scenting Sprays

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These sprays are meant to be used after suiting to freshen your suit in between washings. (NOT in place of washing)

Directions: Spray inside or outside of suit parts lightly. Avoid fursuit eyes, airbrushing, and sharpie pattern marks as they may run, bleed, or fade. Do not soak. Allow to dry before wearing.

WARNINGS: Do not spray areas with airbrushing or sharpie pattern marks, as they may bleed or fade. Avoid fursuit eyes as this spray may damage them. This is not a substitute for regular fursuit washing.

Be aware if you have an allergy to any fragrance oils, essential oils or nuts as some oils are mixed with tree nut oil it is your responsibility to inform me as part of your order.

For details about the scents, please visit the news section of the site.

Although my product is not meant for direct contact with skin it is worth checking if you have any adverse reactions to the product before coating your costume with the spray.

Current scents available are listed. If a custom scent is required, the cost will be higher than the listing if the oil needs to be purchased. A separate listing will be made with the total amount. Custom scents come with custom artwork as well. Starting price (if I have the oils needed) is $20 plus shipping. Wait time on custom orders varies from a few days to a few weeks, depending on whether the oil needs to be ordered.

Currently only one size is available (2.7oz or 80ml). More sizes may be available in the future.

US shipped sprays ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, essential oils, fragrance oils. A lot of normal fabric cleaning sprays can be harmful to your suit. This gentle combination of essential oils, isopropyl alcohol, and distilled water will disinfect your suit without leaving behind chemical residues. 

Internationally shipped sprays (alcohol cannot be shipped overseas):Distilled water, essential oils, fragrance oils, polysorbate 20, preservative. This gentle combination will scent your suit without leaving behind chemical residues. However, because there is no alcohol in these, they will only scent your suit not disinfect.

All artwork on the labels is done by me. Owner's of the characters is credited on the labels.

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