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These sets include two to four fragrances of both sprays (2.7 fluid oz) and soaps (1-1.5 oz).

Sets are 25% less cost than ordering the sprays and soaps of each fragrance separately.

All sprays shipped within the US have isopropyl alcohol for a disinfectant.

All sprays shipped outside the US will be made completely without alcohol and will only be for scenting items, but will not disinfect.

Spray ingredients: water, isopropyl alcohol (US only), polysorbate 20, preservative, fragrance and/or essential oils.

Soap ingredients: Sorbitol, coconut oil, propylene glysol, stearic acid, water, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, goat milk, titanium dioxide, fragrance and/or essential oil

Currently only white soaps are made, but color may be available soon.

The sets are:

Home for the Holidays
-Cozy Winter's Night
-Winter Games
-Christmas Wreath (not pictured)

Autumnal Joy
-Haunted Woods
-Trick or Treat
-Spirit of Samhain (not pictured)
-Autumn Breakfast (not pictured)

Candy Shop 1 (not pictured)
-Rainbow Candy

Candy Shop 2
-Blue Raspberry Candy
-Cinnamon Candy

Summer Evening
-Summer Rain Storm
-Campfire Ritual
-Midnight Musk

Drinks are on the House
-Butterscotch Fizzy
-Root Beer Float
-Candy Cane Hot Cocoa

Stop and smell the...
-Secret Garden

Dessert Tray 1
-Chocolate Orange Brownies
-Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Dessert Tray 2
-Birthday Cake
-Raspberry Chocolate Truffle
-Black Cherry Ice Cream
Rainbow Cotton Candy Forest

Snack Time
-Movie Theater Popcorn
-Marshmallow Treats (not pictured)

Fruit Basket 1
-Fresa Fields
-Slice of Summer

Fruit Basket 2
-Cherry Berry Salad
-Green Apple (not pictured)

Tropical Getaway
-Hawaiian Shores (not pictured)
-A Walk Along the Beach (not pictured)
-Spa Day
-Bubble Bath (not pictured)

Saturday Morning
-Oatmeal and Brown Sugar
-Fruity Breakfast Cereal (not pictured)

Camping Pack (not pictured)
-Buggie Go Bye-Bye (insect repellent)
-No More Itchies (bug bite relief)